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Hallo ihr Leseratten!
Heute brachte mir der Postbote folgende Bücher:
ISBN: 0886773768
Erscheinungsjahr: 1986
Verlag: Daw Books
286 Seiten
Preis: nur noch gebraucht erhältlich!
Dieses Buch ist der 1. Band der Schwerttänzer Zyklus-Reihe.
Sword-Dancer - Jennifer Roberson
Southron blade skill, northern sword magic ...
He was Tiger, born of the desert winds, raised as a slave kind of magic with a worrior's skill. Now he was an almost legendary sowrd-dancer, ready to take an any challenge - if the price was right ... or the woman pretty enough.
She was Del, born of ice and storm, trained by the greatest of Northern sword masters. Now, her ritual training completed, and steeped in the special magic of her own runesword, she had come South in search of the young brother stolen five years before.
But even Del could not master all the dangers of the deadly Punja alone. And meeting Del, Tiger could not turn back from the most intriguing challenge he'd ever faced - the challenge of a magical, mysterious sword-dancer of the North ...
ISBN: 0886779766
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
Verlag: Daw Books
603 Seiten
Preis: 6,99 €
Dieses Buch ist der 1. und 2. Band der Cheysuli Zyklus-Reihe.
Shapchanger's Song - Jennifer Roberson
They were the Cheysuli, a race of magical warriors gifted with the ability to assume animal shape at will. For centuries they had been allies to the King of Homana, treasured champions of the realm. Until a king’s daughter ran away with a Cheysuli liege man and caused a war of annihilation against the Cheysuli race. Twenty-five years later the Cheysuli were hunted exiles in their own land, feared for their sorcery, their shapechanging.
This is the story of Alix, the daughter of that ill-fated union between Homanan princess and Cheysuli warrior, and her struggle to master the call of magic in her blood, and accept her place in an ancient prophecy she cannot deny.
The Song of Homana
For five long years the land of Homana had been strangling in the grasp of a usurper king—its people ravaged by strife, poverty and despair; its magical race, the Cheysuli, forced to flee or face extermination at the hands of their evil counterparts, the sorcerous Ilhini.
The time had come for Prince Carillon, Homana’s rightful ruler, to return from exile with his Cheysuli liege man, free his land from the evil domination of the tyrant Bellam and his villainous magicians, restore the Cheysuli to their rightful position of grace, and claim his birthright. To do this, he would not only have to raise an army, but overcome the fear and prejudice of an ignorant population and answer the call of a prophecy he never chose to serve!
ISBN: 0886779979
Erscheinungsjahr: 2001
Verlag: Daw Books
761 Seiten
Preis: 6,99 €
Dieses Buch ist der 3. und 4. Band der Cheysuli Zyklus-Reihe.
Legacy of the Wolf - Jennifer Roberson
Legacy of the sword
For decades, the magical race of shapechangers called the Cheysuli have been feared and hated exiles in their own land, a land they rightfully should rule. Victims of a vengeful monarch's war of annihilation and a usurper king's tyrannical reign, the Cheysuli clans have nearly vanished from the world.
Now, in the aftermath of the revolution which overthrew the hated tyrant, Prince Donal is being trained as the firt Cheyuli in generations to assume the throne. But will he be able to overcome the prejudice of a popoulace the afraid of his special magic and succeed in uniting the realm in its life and death battle against enemy armies and evil magicians?
Track of the white wolf
Niall, Prince of Homana, key player in a prophecy that spans generations, should have been the treasured link between Cheysuli an Homanan. Yet neither of the peoples he is destined to someday rule feel anything but suspicion of Niall. Homanans fear him for his Cheysuli heritage, while Cheysuli refuse to accept him as their own companion which is the true mark of the Cheysuli shapechangers.
And now, despite his precarious situation within the kingdom, Niall mus undertake a journey to fulfill yet another link in the ancient prophecy. He mus travel through war-torn lands to claim his bride - a mission which may well prove his doom. For, searching for both his destiny and his lir, Niall is about to be plunged into a dangerous maelstorm of intrgue, betrayal, and deadly Ihlini sorcery ...
Nochmals danke, Mobi! :D
Keine zwei Stunden später erreichte mich noch ein neues Buch:
ISBN: 97831853267482
Erscheinungsjahr: 1998
Verlag: Wordsworth
397 Seiten
Preis: nur noch gebraucht erhältlich!
Dieses Buch gehört zu der Sherlock Holmes-Reihe.
The Best of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Best of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twenty of the very best tales from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fifty-six short stories featuring the arch sleuth. Basing his selection around the author's own twelve personal favourites, David Stuard Davies has added a further eight sparkling stories to Conan Doyle's »Baker Street Dozen«, creatng a unique volume which distils the pure essence of the world's most famous detective.
Within these pages the reader will encounter the greatest collection of villains and the weirdest and most puzzling mysteries ever seen in print. And there at the centre, in a London swathed in eddies of fog and illuminated by gaslight, is to be found the remarkable character of Sherlock Holmes and his staunch companion, Doctor John H. Watson. Few will be able to resist this invitation to step aboard the waiting hansom cab and rattle off along cobbled street into unimagined dangers and intrigues.
Dabei wollte ich bei Jokers einfach nur einen Katalog anfordern, aber da lachte mich der Button »Nur 1 Euro« an an :D ... und da es ein versandkostenfreies Wochenende war, musste ich einfach zugreifen. ;)
Bye bye eure Aurora
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